Market Reports  

These articles are written by members of the Jigsaw TM team and have been designed to highlight topics of debate within the industry and how they may affect you as a candidate or potential employer within this space.

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Market Reports

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A History of US Debt - 12/02/2020
Global debt is a genuinely scary reality. The burden of reducing the debt will likely be passed down to future generations, with savings and pensions being a benefit that may no longer be available to our children. Over a series of articles, we explore what debt is and how governments got into such a mess. This article explores the history of US Government debt.

Annual Market Snapshot- Procurement 2019 - 13/12/2019
Market Snapshot - Jobs registered with Jigsaw Talent Management: 2018 - 2019

Business Ecosystem - The Impact of Procurement - 14/11/2019
What is beneficial for a single entity has a time line in value If a concept is replicated across a wider group, do the benefits still hold up or diminish? At what consequence to the wider market and business culture Maybe a change is now required

What Happened to Profit? - 15/10/2019
It seems the word profit is somehow negative from a buyer's point of view and is no longer necessary when investing. With companies added investment in procurement, operations are constantly attempting to standardise the market place and compress supplier price points under the guise of value and partnering. Is this quest for compressed pricing and increased value destroying capitalism? Is this pressure on forever cheaper engagements the reason why business starts ups are attempting to sell $2 for $1 just to get on the radar?

Interim Demand to Increase - 30/09/2019
If you are currently out of work and seeking to gain traction with businesses that are seeking to appoint high impact, outcome focussed procurement professionals, I have listed some tips to make your bio and engagement pitch more attractive to businesses.

Gender Report Jobs Placed by Jigsaw TM - 02/07/2019
At Jigsaw TM, we decided to look at the placements we have transacted as far back as 2007 to see if we could pin point the situation in procurement and better understand the dynamics that are at play re male vs females in the workforce and what trends seem to effect the statistics.