Market Reports  

These articles are written by members of the Jigsaw TM team and have been designed to highlight topics of debate within the industry and how they may affect you as a candidate or potential employer within this space.

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Market Reports

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Corporate Services Category Management - Market Snapshot June 2011 - 09/06/2011
General indirect category management within a medium to large corporate environment, spend may include items such as couriers, stationery, uniforms, catering, business machines

CIPSA Internship Programme 2010 - 31/12/2010
At the end of 2010 Jigsaw Search worked in partnership with CIPSA to launch the inaugural CIPSA Internship Programme, the not for profit project..

A Review of the Procurement Contracting Market in Victoria 2009-2011 - 24/12/2010
Jigsaw Search (VIC) saw the contract market drop in 2010 and the permanent market increase in comparison to 2009. As a result of the GFC, 2009 was a more risk averse year for recruiting...

Category Management from a Recruitment Perspective - 22/11/2010
Jigsaw Search is the countries leading specialist procurement recruitment consultancy and has now been transacting in the Asia Pacific market place for over 4 years. In this time

NSW Procurement & Supply Chain Recruitment Market 2009-2011 - 24/06/2010
Now quickly fading from memory, 2009 was a year of restraint in the job market with several businesses aggressively managing their cost base through the organisation-wide cutting of head count.