Talent Catalogue  Pay 10% recruitment fees, when you hire from our instant shortlists

Welcome to Jigsaw's Talent Catalogue, the ground-breaking online recruitment solution for the procurement and supply chain industry.

This unique cloud based system gives in-house recruiters or individual hiring managers the ability to connect directly into Jigsaw's market-leading database of pre-vetted, procurement and supply chain candidates and hire them for a recruitment fee that is below most pre-negotiated panel rates.

No adverts need creating, posting and administrating, no recruitment briefings or negotiations need undertaking and nobody will know your business is recruiting and what is more you get your shortlist in moments not weeks.

Login below and with only a few clicks of a mouse you can receive a pre-vetted short-list of the most appropriate candidates for any vacant procurement and supply chain role within your organisation. 

The only cost you pay is a fee equivalent to 10% of the hired candidate's first year salary.


I've worked with Jigsaw for close to seven years now. In those years, they have not only excelled at the core elements of their service like recruitment customer engagement and contractor management but also at tasks that extend well beyond the standard scope of a recruiter, like a deep knowledge of my business and role specific candidate capability levelling and grading to the point of championing our departments entire capability review through their on line tools. That's one of the things that's so remarkable about Jigsaw, they demonstrate not only mastery for their core activities, but also their ability to take on new activity that have been both difficult and critical to my group’s growth and success. In fact, their capability review of our team was aligned with a sharp increase in employee capability and engagement.
Curtis Mackenzie - Head of Procurement - United Energy and Multinet Gas

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