About Us  Australia’s leading procurement & supply chain recruitment service provider

Jigsaw Talent Management (Jigsaw TM) is the leading brand for talent acquisition across Procurement and Supply Chain. Established in 2006 and acquired by The Bluefin Group in 2018, Jigsaw TM manages a portfolio of over 14,000 candidates globally and supports organisations across all industries and sectors. Jigsaw TM has a team of highly experienced Consultants, Managers and Directors who each has an extensive network in their chosen vertical of Procurement and/or Supply Chain. We have a strong presence across Australia, operating from offices located in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

What separates our group from other recruitment firms is our proactive talent management approach. Our focus is to bring every Procurement and Supply Chain professional into our network, regardless of whether they are currently seeking a new role. Each candidate is taken through a stringent vetting process and we continue to build an ongoing relationship with them. This enables us to become their 3rd party talent manager and approach them for opportunities that align to their long-term career goals, regardless of whether they are ‘active’ or ‘passive’ in their job search.

Our clients choose to partner with us because they want access to the best talent in the market, as opposed to only attracting candidates who are actively seeking a job, through a reactive process. With this model, we are confident in delivering proven talent to every organisation we engage with, within days not weeks.